VistaJet Launches VistaPet

This week we had the pleasure of attending the VistaPet launch breakfast at the stunning Rosewood hotel in London.

Our morning was spent eating a superb breakfast cooked by the lovely chefs at the hotel. We were met by both VistaJet and Rosewood staff with open arms and felt very welcome – it was as though you got a taster from both companies as to the level of customer service they provide.

We loved meeting everyone at VistaJet including the CCO Ian Moore. The way Ian spoke throughout the morning, it was clear the passion he and all at VistaJet have in providing the very best in pet service on their aircrafts.

VistaPet is the most comprehensive and considered program for travelling with pets in the air. The VistaJet experience is designed to ensure all passengers feel welcome onboard their aircrafts, even if they are not of the human variety. With one in four of their members flying with their pet, offering solutions that will care for animals is proving increasingly important.

The VistaPet program provides the highest of level of care when in the air, from travel bags and sleep mats to balanced menus, travel advice and fear of flight courses, your pet can expect the same exceptional service as you. We got given this goodie bag filled with tasty treats along with all the essentials including a toy as a taster of the things to expect from the VistaPet program.

For further information about the VistaPet program, visit their website and discover the magic they provide!

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