Spot In The Woods

We recently had the pleasure of staying at the Spot In The Woods boutique B&B in the New Forest, thanks to having our Gundog training closeby and having been invited to Dogstival that same weekend. We were not paid nor discounted for our stay but we enjoyed it so much that we had to tell you all about this stay! Spot In The Woods takes being a ‘dog friendly’ stay to a whole new level! For a start, there is a selection of rooms to chose from that are all super dog friendly here!









On entering our room, Laula was delighted to see that a dog mattress had been provided for her along with a treat! Not only did they provide these things, they also included 2 bowls, a towel and poo bags! Now, we have stayed at many ‘dog friendly’ locations, but none have been as accommodating  as Spot In The Woods!

Having had a long day at Dogstival,  we remembered that Spot In The Woods allow you to get takeaway delivered, not only this but provide you with cultery and plates and offer their cafe for you to sit and eat. How great is that?! We ended up taking our food to our room to chill and watch a film but soon realised we had forgotten to order a sweet treat! But alas, their Deli was there to save the day and we were able to select a couple of tasty treats to enjoy the rest of the film!

The next morning, we checked out and relaxed on the terrace of their cafe which was lovely and peaceful. Overal we couldn’t recommend Spot In The Woods enough, we are planning on going back soon as we enjoyed it so much!


We rate our stay 4.5 out of 5!


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