Royal Court Hotel & Spa Coventry

We stayed one night at the Royal Court Hotel & Spa in Coventry. On booking our stay, we were simply looking for good value and prioritising location first due to it being a stop over.

On arrival, we loved how rural it felt and how grand it looked. On entering the property, you could fully see this as having been a glamorous location…. 30 years ago. The whole hotel needs serious updating as with the exception of the lobby, the rest of the hotel felt very dated and a little ‘sad’. Our room was comfortable but nothing special. The TV was TINY and placed in such a way that it made for impossible viewing! The bathroom was very tired looking, and really let the whole room down.


A positive factor in regards to our stay, was the fact we did get our room upgraded for free and Laula got to stay for free as well. Though it did make us wonder how bad must a standard room be if we already thought it wasn’t great!

Overall, whilst as a dog friendly place it was good, it really needs some updating.

We rate our stay 2.5 out of 5!

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(Photos taken from as we couldn’t get any during our stay)