A month with PitPatPet

It has been just under two weeks since we partnered up with PitPatPat and what can we say so far….

Well first of all, how easy it was to set up! We were able to do it whilst with the PitPatPet team at the #DogsOfInstagram London event and it took only minutes to do.

So what is a PitPat? The best way to describe it is the dog version of a human Fitbit. The design is both lightweight and waterproof as well as able to fit on any collar. It allows you to see how much exercise your dog partakes in and for how long. Not only this but it breaks in down into different categories as seen below.

Why should you get a PitPat? As we know, there is an obesity problem within the dog world and having this tool will help beat this. As you are able to track all the exercise taking place, you will be able to see whether you are hitting the exercise targets set and monitor whether you need to do more or less in order to stay in shape.

In order to give a more accurate and detailed review, we will be testing it out further and will keep you updated how we get on! But for now, we are off to compete against one another on steps!