Ezviz Camera

Like most, when leaving your dog at home, we worry what Laula is up to. Now thanks to the Mini O Plus by Ezviz , we can keep an eye as to what she is doing and make sure she is not stressed.

The Mini O Plus  is very easy to set up! All you need to do is download the app to your phone or tablet and follow the simple steps on the screen. This will allow your Mini O Plus to connect to your WiFi and start streaming right away! It comes with a magnetic base and mounting kit that makes it easy to place on walls or ceilings. Once set up, you can manually adjust it to cover just about any angle you need.  The camera itself features a super wide angle lens to capture the whole room and two way communication so you can hear and speak to your dog.


You could be fooled to think due to its small size and low price tag that the quality would suffer, in actual fact we were amazed at how good it performed in both day and night time. When the room darkens, it automatically changes to night vision which is great if you are out and about in the evening. Another great feature of the Mini O Plus we loved is the fact if you are not on the app, it automatically records movement throughout the day so you can have an overview as to when your dog has moved or if anyone has been in the room. This is really cool as means you do not need to watch the screen 24/7.


We really love the Mini O Plus and cannot imagine living without it now, it has made leaving Laula at home a lot less stressful. It is funny to see that in a 4 hour period, all Laula does it stretch and change between the two sofas haha! We highly recommend you purchasing the Mini O Plus especially as it is such good value for money!

If you’d like to purchase the Mini O Plus, Click here.